What To Know About Ear Candles?

When it comes medical treatment people have often went for the options of medicines to cure something simple as ear infection or sinus problems, yes, they do work but there are other ways also that you can lean towards something more convenient that is effective and has proven to work something like ear candles.

By using the method of ear candles, you can gain many advantages as it used in curing some symptoms such as:

• Flu

• Cold

• Sore throat

• Headache

• Sinus

These are something that you can use the method of ear candling from Melbourne. Some people who used this method have made some claims that it makes them calm down by making their blood pressure at a constant level and also relieving them of stress.

However, if you are going to pursue this method you should know what exactly is ear candle. It is actually a hollow and shaped in cone which is soaked with beeswax and paraffin you can buy ear candles. The size of candle is about 10 inches and it contains some ingredients such as:

• Honey

• Sage

• Rosemary

• Essential oil

This is usually a risky method, so it has to be done by a professional such as a message therapist or herbalist or a specialist from beauty salon. We have to warn you that please do not try it yourself as you can do a lot more damage to your ear and your ear drums. We have seen people performing it on their selves and have ended with disaster so please do not try it yourself.

If you are considering getting it done you should know few things about how it all works so that you can be prepared for it when you get an appointment for it.

1. The first thing would be to do is that the person who will be performing ear candles method will first ask you to lay down on a side meaning one ear would be open for the procedure to work on.

2. Then the candle with an opening will be placed at the ear which open and the other end would be lit.

3. The candle that is burning the person performing this act will trim it so that is open.

4. The person performing it will be burning the candle for about 15 minutes.

5. After that, the burning candle is blown.

Now the thing is that many people will make their opinion that this method of ear candles is quite dangerous and should not be performed however those who have tried this remedy have been facing quite positive feedbacks after they have been through this.

We can say that it all depends upon you that what way you want to go with and if you are feeling bit confused about all this then we recommend that visit us at happynaturaltherapies.com.au so that we can help you out in clearing your doubts about it.